Monday, September 30, 2013

Where the Hell am I?

The place it's located near the coast of Àfrica. It's Àfrica's bigests island and a very famous destination for tourists and also for us.

The place is and island, it has got lots of places to visit, with beautiful palms and long white sandy beaches. It's known because a name of a films its called the namo of the island. It has got lots of exotic animals such as insects, colorful birds and rare frogs with lots of colors, also it has got a variety of exotic and tropical plants and trees like the baobab.

This island it's covered in rocky mountains in one part and in the other part it's covered by dense jungles and forests. Tourist enjoy this place because they can see chamaleons and lemurs near them. The food it's quite good, they eat tropical fruit and exotic food.

I'ts one of my favourite destinations I've been and I recomend us to go!!. As you can see in the photo there's a beautiful scenery.

JORDI COLL 1r Batxillerat C

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