Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Where the hell Am I?

This place is in the northwest of Africa. It's one of the most popular cities of Morocco, and one of my favourite cities ever. 

This city is best known for his traditional biggest market of the country, and also because it has one of the most crowded squares in the world. In this square you can find musicians, acrobats, snake charmers, henna painters, and obviously outdoor restaurants which prepare traditional and delicious food like coscous or tajin. Other things that make this city famous are his red buildings and his peculiar residents. This city it's also popular on the cinema; a lot of films have been filmed there.

This city is visited by millions of touristes every year, and some of them always repeat the experience. It's a different city where you can have a llittle break and at the same time learn new things. 

Amina Khyat
1r BAT B


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