Monday, September 23, 2013


It's a big famous city in Europe and it always has lots of visitors.

It's located in an island in Northern Europe. The official language is English. The people is are very polite there. A typical food is "fish and chips" or "muffins". There are lots of famous monuments, museums, parks, and its typical telephone booths or the taxis. The city is divided in neighbourhoods and districts. In each one, there are a lot of things to see. You can visit big markets, bridges, famous churches and the most famous monument, a big clock (it has many pieces of golden) next to the Houses of the Parliament. Its name is Big Ben. You can move around the city by bus, subway, taxi, car or bike.

This city is the cleanest I've ever been, a lovely and beautiful city and I want to return soon.

Marta Matés, 1rC BATX


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