Monday, October 7, 2013

Disaster in your town!

Imagine that a terrible catastrophe happened in your town yesterday. It can be a natural disaster (earthquake, tornado, flood...) or man-made (bombing, hijack, plane crash...)

First make a list of the consequences of the disaster. For example:

There was an earthquake.

  • ·         Several buildings collapsed.
  • ·         A fire started in the gas station.
  • ·         The gas station exploded.
  • ·         There was no electricity. 
  • ...................

Then write a piece of news about the incident.
Now imagine that you arethe mayor of your town. You are giving a press conference. Prepare the press conference where you are going to say what the town has done to solve the situation.

  • ·         We have called the emergency teams.
  • ·         We have brought ambulances from all over Catalonia and France.
  • ·         Many injured have been taken to the hospitals in Palamós, Girona and Perpignan.
  • ·         We have restored electricity.
  • ·         We have cut the gas distribution to avoid more explosions. 
  • ..............

You are going to do this work in groups. You can write your report and news conference or you can create a video.

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