Thursday, October 31, 2013

Plane crash in Mont-ras

Yesterday, a plane crashed near Palafrugell, exactly in a village called Mont-ras. The accident was terrible and a lot of
people died. The firefighters tried to save their lives but it was impossible. More than a hundred people died, twenty-two are in the hospital with fatal injuries and ten people are lost. The police are investigating the reasons of the accident but they think that the pilot got asleep.

The mayor did an interview and he said:

"We have been investigating the zone and the victims through the CSI team.
We have been cleaning the rubbish of the crash and we found bodies under it.
Also, we have been telling what happened to the families of the victims and expressing our condolences and we have been planning the reconstrucion of the Mont-ras church.
We are trying to improve the security of the planes.

I'm with you in these terrible moments and I hope that an accident like this will not happen again."

Laura Lara
Andreu Rodríguez
1r Batx. C

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