Sunday, October 20, 2013

Terrorist attack in Palafrugell

Yesterday there was a terrorist attack in Palafrugell: the terrorists exploded a bomb in the church. In total, fifty people died. The police haven't caught the terrorists yet.
So this morning we have had with us the Palafrugell' Mayor. This is what he said:

"Well as all of you already know, Palafrugell is in a difficult moment and we're working for the people's security.
First of all we have closed all the church's area to investigate and the police is looking for the terrorists too.
At this moment, a group of workers is rebuilding all the damaged areas of our church. Also, we have sent all the people who live near this zone to stay a few nights at the sports center.
And to finish I want to send a hope's message to all Palafrugell habitants: we know that it's a difficults situation and, definitely, it's a terrible chapter for the palafrugell's history. But things are solved with hard work and perseverance, so we will get i! We must not give up!"

Sergi Arasil
Marc Labrada
1r C

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