Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The clown

Peter was walking on the street. He was a doctor and he was returning from the cemetery after his mother had been buried. It was dark and it was raining a little. He was tired and sad. 

Suddenly, he heard something and he thought that someone was following him. He turned back but there was nobody. He got nervous and he started to run to his house. 

He arrived home and he started closing all the doors and windows. When he was closing the last window someone knocked the door. He went to the entry and opened the door, but there wasn’t anybody. He looked for someone but he didn’t find anything because of the darkness. He was terrified. He turned on the TV to relax himself and suddenly he heard a machine noise outside the house. Peter saw something strange through the window that wasn't closed, a kitchen window. He went there and he saw a clown whit a chain saw in the garden. He shouted as never before, he didn’t believe what he was seeing. He closed the window and he ran to his bathroom, the only room in the house which hadn’t got access outside. He wanted to call to the police, but he realized that there wasn’t signal so he stayed there praying for himself. Suddenly, he heard the noise so much near, really really near. The clown had managed to go into the house and then, he was in front of the bathroom. He started to destroy the bathroom’s door. Peter was shocked and he didn’t know what to do. When the clown was almost inside the bathroom, Peter had an idea. He broke the mirror to use it as a knife to defend himself. The clown went into the bathroom and saw Peter with a ridiculous glass in the hand. He started to laugh and he got closer and closer to him… 

Peter opened his eyes. It had just been a dream! He couldn’t believe it. He went downstairs and he could see his mother in the kitchen preparing some toasts. He was really excited and happy. He hugged and kissed his mum a lot and then he went to the garden. There, he sat on the ground under the sun. He was completely relaxed but… what was that saw noise?



Andreu Rodriguez
Marta Vadillo
Belén Ruiz
Laura Ristol
1r C.

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