Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Revenge

I was walking home that night, when I finished work. Suddenly, my phone rang, I couldn't hear what they tried to say, but I heard someone laughing around me. I though it was a joke.

I looked around but I didn't see anyone. I started to get scared. I though for a moment and then I kept walking straight to my house. When I arrived I found the windows opened and it was strange because I never leave them like that.

I went to the garden to see my dog but I didn't find him, he was dead. I got so scared that I ran to my bedroom, and there I found my ex-girlfriend looking wildly for something. When she turned back and saw me, she tried to kill me with her knife, but I could stop her and ask her to leave my house. 

She didn't want to leave, so I tried to ask for help calling my neighbour, but the phone didn't work. I tried to find someone, I got distracted and she could run away. I'm sure that she will be looking for revenge.

Watch out! She is crazy and dangerous and now she is looking for you.

Alexandra Requejo
Amina Khyat
Lidia Pizarro
Maria Novo

1r Batx B

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