Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tsunami in Palafrugell

Last night there was a tsunami near Calella. The water arrived to Palafrugell and now it's still flooded. A lot of people lost their houses. and The shops and schools were complety destroyed. Also more of a hundred people disappeared and others are dead or in serious conditions. This morning the police found two corpses under the remains, one of them was dead and the other wasn't dead but was in a poor condition. The authorities believe and hope that this flood will be there for one week more or less. But today the Mayor of Palafrugell give a conference and that’s what he said:

“Last night, our village had a bad luck and now, Palafrugell is in really bad conditions because of the tsunami but all has solutions, for this reason we are working really hard to found the people who have disappeared with our 30 helicopters, we believe that we can find them with all of our team, also with our 30 helicopters we are going to rescue the people who are in a bad conditions and give them a special treatment so please don’t worry and let everything in our hands, we will let everything how it was before the tsunami, please be patient . For the houses, schools, shops..that were destroyed for the tsunami,  the generous Mayor of Girona will help us to reconstruct Palafrugell, this can take a long time, but with our efforts we can reconstruct our village.”

Soukayna Douiri
Mireia Deulofeu
Jordi Benítez 

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  1. Good job, Soukayna, Jordi and Mireia.

    Would you like to improve your mark? Look at the yellow marks and try to make the corrections.


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