Sunday, October 27, 2013

Verbs Followed by Gerunds and Infinitives

Some verbs are always or usually followed by a gerund
  • I recommend getting professional help.
 Others are followed by an infinitive
  • He hopes to pass English this term. 
Some verbs can be followed by both.
  • It started to rain.
  • It started raining.
Careful! Some verbs have different meanings depending 
on what form follows them.
  •  I stopped to call my girlfriend.
  • I stopped calling my girlfriend.
Here's an excellent page from on which verbs are followed by gerund (singing) or infinitive (to sing). Read the page: 

Verbs Followed by Gerunds and Infinitives

Now do the quiz.  If you need more practice or have questions, leave a comment in this post.

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