Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Walking through the hospital

It happened in an old psychiatric hospital at night, when I awoke from a coma. It was cold, although I was inside the hospital. There wasn't any artificial light, there was only the moonlight. There wasn't anyone there. I was feeling like I was the only person in the city. 

I started walking through the hospital and I opened the office door. I looked inside and there wasn't anybody working, so I checked the last reports that were on a table. They explained that there had been a major disease, an epidemic which had killed more than half of the world's population, three months ago.

I got very stressed after reading that, so I started walking through the corridors. When I finally saw a doctor I started to call him. But he suddenly turned to me. He was a zombie with a creepy and bloody face. I started running looking for the exit of the building, but he was chasing me everywhere.

More monsters like that zombie started to chase me too. I was completely terrified. Eventually I saw a powerful light outside the building. It was a light powered by the army, who were looking for more survivors in the area. When I arrived there, with the soldiers, all those zombies and creepy monsters escaped in the darkness. 

Even now in the refugee camp I feel that they are coming again. To kill me.

Joan Regí
Marc Lozano
Omaima Mahboub

Rachida Lamzeiz

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