Sunday, October 6, 2013

Where am I ?

This city is located in the centre of Germany. Is one of the most populated of this country, with 680.000 inhabitants.  Often is called the economic and finance capital of European Union because in this city is located the centre bank of Europe.

In this city you can visit many interesting places and impressive monuments: The house of Wolfgang von Goethe is very visited for the tourists. The city has got an important street that is called Zeil where the people come for do shopping at the Zeilgalerie. It is very beautiful because while you are shopping you can see the interesting street and the skyscrapers.
For me the best was the bridge that is situated in the Rin River. 
Many couples put there a padlock and after they throw the key in the river, like a symbol of the eternal love. At night  the sights are very romantic and spectacular.

I went there this summer and I really enjoyed it because I met very nice people. I hope to return here. 

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