Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Where the hell is Carla?

This island it's situated in Indonesia with Java in the West and Lombok in the east. It have a lot of paradise beaches and an impressive vegetation. In this island only exist summer, but it have two seasons: the season of rains and the dry season.
The food of there is very spicy and chilli, so if you like this type of food, you have to go to this place! But be careful with your longue!!
Another curious thing is that is a very cheaper place (or our country is very expensive, also it's possible).

I travelled to this island one year ago and also when I was eleven and I think that I will never tire of seeing this island and all their places... It's an impressive site and it's very different than our country.

A lot of people of there have an Hinduism religion. They always do beautiful ceremonies that you can see or see when the people go to do these ceremonies with the typical clothes.
Another little part of the population have a Muslim religion.

In summary, I'm in love with this place and I wish that I could return there another time!

Carla Vidal Través, 1r Batx B

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  1. Hi Carla, this is Bali! I was there twenty years ago and I loved it. Many parts of the island were like paradise and the people were extremely nice. What a wonderful place!


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