Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Where the hell I've been?

This country is a group of archipelagos, so there are 6 islands on it, but only three are habited. They are situated in the Mediterrean sea between Europe and North Africa. And the language of here is a mix of Arab and Italian but they speak English too.

In this place you can make a lot of activities and If you want it you can relax too. There are a lot of beaches, usually, rocky beaches. The capital of this country is called La Valletta and it's so beautiful. Then we have another island that's it's called Gozo that it's a relaxing place and there is only one hotel on it. Here, in Gozo, there is the Blue Lagoon, a famous beach that his sea is totally blue.

This place is becaming popular now, because a lot of students around the world, are going there to learn English with a host family, because is very cheep and there are a lot of activities to do , like I said it before.
I've been there to learn English too and it was awesome! I can say that it was one of my best trips I've ever had. 

Do you know where the hell I've been? 

Aida Blanco Ortega
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  1. You can watch this video with the story of an Italian man that also went to Malta to learn English.


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