Saturday, November 30, 2013

Volcano eruption in Fitor

Dear citizens of Palafrugell, first of all I’d apologise for not had worn you about the catastrophe that was coming. We didn’t know that this thing could happen here, there was no notice that there was volcanic activity in all around the area of the Gavarres Mountains.
Now I’m going to explain you how everything happened:
It started in a place nearby Fitor. Suddenly, from the ground came out loads of lava. That was the beginning of the volcano. The lava started to fall down from Fitor to Mont-Ras and Palafrugell. While the lava was falling down then mountain, the animals came down to Palafrugell escaping from their death. When they arrived, they destroyed restaurants, shops and more things. Then the lava arrived to Palafrugell and destroyed a lot of houses while people were sleeping there. Finally the lava stopped in Llafranc with the help of the sea.

The consequences were terrible, more than 5000 people died. Palafrugell, Mont-Ras and Llafranc are completely destroyed. The military forces and the firefighters are cleaning the affected zone. We will propose a mourning week dedicated to all the victims.

Carles Alabert
Rúben Gutiérrez
Àlex Rocas

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