Sunday, November 24, 2013

Making the most of our online resources

Here are some online resources that will help you to learn English. 
  • Start by going to Moodle, find the course English 1st Batx, log in and enter the password. Ask the teacher for the password for your group.   
Go to "News Forum" and open the first entry. You'll find the following instructions: 
  •  Go to / “Student’s zone”/ Click on Download digital books.
  •  Click on Contrast 1 Workbook Student Version – CatalanInstall it in your computer. Use the code that the teacher will give you to activate the book. 
  • Open the workbook and do pages 10-11, 20-21 i 30-31.
  •  Go to /Student’s Zone/Bachillerato/My coursebook
  •  Click on Advanced Contrast 1/ Bachillerato 1 Activities.
  •  Install and do at least 2 grammar, 1 reading and 1 listening activity
  •  Visit the following websites, that you will find in the post Practice your English in our blog.
 Write a comment with your opinion on two of these websites, plus another one of the websites mentioned in the post. Your comment will be consider for one, two or three extra credits.


  1. I think that those websites are really useful because you can learn english through entertaining way. I liked them but I still have to try the websites with listenings and videos.

    1. OK, Andreu. Please come back when you have time to look at the other pages.

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  3. In my opinion, the best page is: because there users can learn how to use all the verbs, future, continuous, past, present and others. Also, users can learn playing a game and you can enjoy with them. The exercices of this website are easy and help learning new vocabulary. If users want, they can practise dialogues with listenings and review grammar.
    Another page that I like is: because offers a different form to learn english and users can choose their favourite music and write its lyrics. You can learn english, song lyrics and writing.

    Marta Vadillo

  4. I think these websites are very educational and entertaining. It combines very well two aspects: the learning with exercises and the games. It is a good idea to spend time on that pages because you will not get bored and you will learn a lot of things.

  5. In my opinion the best website is:, because it's enjoyable, it allows you to learn English by a different way. While you are listening to your favourite song it ables you to learn some new vocabulary, so you can sing your favourite song without any kind of problem. And the most important thing is that you will know what are you singing.

    The other websites are usefull to, they allow you to learn some verbs as the time you are playing to some interactive games.

  6. The best websites in my opininon are lyricstraining because you can't practise your writting words and the other is the oxford university practise, I think it's a useful page full of things to do suchs as practing grammar and also vocabulary

  7. In my opinion the best website is
    because you can practise the grammer, vocabulary, listening and you can enjoy with games. I think this website it can help me a lot.

  8. The best websites in my opinion is because has got very information and is easy to use.

  9. For me the best website is this: I try this because in this page you can learn english using different ways like practice your grammar with exercices, playing fun games, listen and practice dialogues and others. Really it's very interesting website and I recomend it to the students. Another website that can be good for learn english is this: because the users can try a music and write his lyrics.

  10. I think thaht the best pages is
    because it's easy to use and it explains very good whatever you want to know. The other that i like is because it's an interesting and practical form to learn english.

  11. In my opinion the best website is this I think is the most way to learn english with fun. Also, this is fun but it is more for kids because have games and is more dynamic.
    Myriam Cuenca

  12. In my opinion the best website is because you can learn about other way, and you can practise vocabulary, grammar and others inlued you can learn playing.
    But this website is fantastic because you can learn vocabulary and other while you are listening your favourite song or other songs.

    Berta Llausàs

  13. I thing that the best websites to learn English are The first website is very good because you can learn to get used to listen to the pronunciation of English and understand when they speak doing something that you like, listening to music. The second website is very entertaining because through games you learn to listen, grammar and vocabulary.

    Fernando Martínez López

  14. I think that the perfect website to learn English is: In this website you can listen to your favourite song and at the same time you can learn vocabulary and the English pronunciation. It's like a game for learning English, you listen to the song and at the same time you must put the lyrics (there are different levels).

    To complement this website and learn grammar, vocabulary... (more strict) I think that the best website is: But it's bored because there's no fun, you must do the exercises and anything else.

    It has become clear that I fell in love with the first website. For me is the best.

    Rita Lumbreras Martí, 1er B

  15. In my opinion the best website is :

    This website gives you a lot of news where you can practice and improve your listening and also different words that may you can't understand and then it explains you the word with lots of good examples.

    The website is full of ways to improve your pronunciation,listening and reading.

    The other website that is also good is :
    It gives you the opportunity to learn English with music,and it's one of the best ways to improve your pronunciation and listening. It's the best way to learn English and enjoy learning English.

    Maria Amzil (1 Batx A)

  16. There are a lot of ways to learn English. But the most modern, I think that is the use of websites.

    For me one the most interesting ones is:, because is a very useful way to motivate us, the teenagers. You can learn new words and expressions at the same time that you listen to music and you play a challenging game. If you know the meaning of the songs, and you understand the lyrics, then you will learn English in a more easy and fast way.

    The other website that I recommend is:, this is another way to learn English. For me, this is a little bit boring, because you should do the same types of exercises, and the games are for children.

    Maria Júdez Torres, 1C.


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