Sunday, November 3, 2013


It was a normal Thursday evening in IES Frederic Martí Carreras and it was a rainy and stormy day. All our teachers were in the high school correcting exams while they were waiting that the rain stopped. All of us were at home doing homework because outside it was really cold... It was a strange day.

When the clock struck eight, the art teacher saw a strange man entering the high school. He couldn't see his face but he saw that the man was wearing black clothes. The man started running to the teacher's room. The art teacher followed him and a few minutes later the biology teacher found the art teacher dead in the teacher's room.

Before the biology teacher could warn someone, the door closed and the man appeared next to her with the knife full of blood and he said to her: "it's your time" and he killed her with the knife. During this night the killer killed all the other teachers.

The next day all the students, including us, arrived to the school very excited because it was Friday. Our happiness didn't last long. When we saw all the teachers dead  we felt paralised and we didn't know what to do. The police arrived quickly and we went home. It had been the most impressive day of our lifes.


Júlia, Fernando, Salma and Rita

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