Tuesday, November 5, 2013


A lot of people died yesterday because of he Tsunami that hit Llafranc. The people drowned because the wave was 50 m high. The Tsunami had arrived 5 km in the city. 6 helicopters came to take the people who had died and they had to identifity who the people were, to be able to call their families. They found people alive but they were hit and they had to be taken to Trueta hospital. Today they have started to build the houses that were destroyed yesterday.

We called 6 helicopters and they took the people who died. Then we sent an expert group to identificy. Who the people who died were, in order to be able to call their families. Today we have started to built the houses that were destroyed. We have rebuilt the roads too. Some people from Palafrugell are helping us planting trees and plants in Llafranc.

Andreea Petronela Balasca
Carmen Rodríguez Toledo
1r C Batx

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