Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Where is Margaret’s mom?

One night of 2003, it was raining a little bit and in the sky there was full moon. Margaret, a child was nine years old. She was living with her mom in a big house. It was far from the town and near it there was a forest.

This night the girl was sleeping in her bed. Suddenly she heard a strong noise and the girl woke up. She was scared so she decided to go with her mom. A lightning illuminated her room, Margaret started to run until her mom’s bedroom. But when she opened the door she realise that her mom wasn't in the bed. Margaret was so frightened that she decided down the stairs to find her mom but any body was there. She heard another noise but in this case the noise was in the garage. She didn’t know what to do.

Finally she decided to catch the mobile phone. Margaret called her mother to tell her what had happened and the noise in the garage. But when she was calling her mother the sound of the mobile phone was coming from the garage. She thought that her mother was in the garage. When she was so quiet, Margaret went there. But when she opened the door, she saw the floor, there was her mother. But her mother didn’t say anything because she was dead. Margaret was more scared so she decided to go for help. Because she didn’t know who had done this. While she was running around the house, she saw a man on the stairs whit a knife in his hands.

The killer began to pursue her, luckily the girl escaped from the house and she went to the forest. When the sun came, Margaret was in the nearest town. There the girl went to the police and she explained everything. The police went to Margaret’s house, but when they arrived in the house there wasn't any trace about the killer. And Margaret’s mom wasn’t in the house.
Ester Ribera
Anna Pareras
Jad Ternes
Joel Morell

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