Friday, December 6, 2013

Breaking up is hard to do

For the next few days we're going to be speaking about human relationships. We'll speak about family, friendship and, yes, romantic liaisons.

A romantic relationship can be a marvelous thing but, let's face it, some of them will end up in a break-up. These situations are always hard but they are part of life, part of growing up and finding the right person to share your life with. As the saying goes, "you have to kiss a few frogs, to find a prince/princess".

So, we should probably try to keep drama as much in control as possible and take break-ups, if and when they come, with a little bit of humor.

This is what we can learn from the song "Carol Brown", by "Flight of the Conchords".

What are the worst ways to end a relationship? Is there a "good" way to do it? Can you be friends with an ex? Did you like this song and the video?

Leave below your comments on romance, relationships, split-ups, lasting love and the meaning of the universe. 


  1. To end a relationship is really hard, and sometimes you don't know how to do it. But you can find a good way to do it and feel good with the other person.

    For me, the worst ways to end a relationship are, for example: by ignoring relationship issues, by telephone, while you are with friends, leaving a post it, by lying, while you are in a party, while you are going somewhere, while you are with your family, one day before going on holidays...

    Yes, there's a good way to do it. First of all you must think a lot and speak with him/her, look for good things and bad things. If you speak with him/her it's hard to break with him/her because in one moment of your life you loved him/her but if you are strong you can do it. You can break without bad vibes and go on in your life.

    You can't be friends with your ex but you can try it jajaja (I think that it's impossible but I know some people that are friends after stay in a relationship, really strange).

    I love this song because it makes me laugh, there are really strange excuses to end a relationship.

    Rita Lumbreras, 1er B

  2. Personally, I think the worst ways to end a relationship are by mobile (WhatsApp, SMS, mobile call,...)
    A good way to do it is face to face because there is better communication.
    I consider that is possible to be friends with an ex if the two parts of the relationship don't feel anything. But sometimes it is quite difficult.
    I didn't like the song because is not my style but the video is original.

    Marc Collado, 1r B

  3. I think the best way to end a relationship is face to face, to do it you must be well prepared, for that you should follow these steps:
    First think the advantages and disadvantages,if there are more disadvantages than advantages cut with her/him
    Second think what you want to say, because if you don't do it, you can even say things without meaning.
    Third, meet that person and say him everything that you thought to tell him.

    I know some guys who have cut their relationship by WhatsApp, and I really thing that it is very awful.

    Tania Castro, 1r Batx-B

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    1. To end a realtion ship I think it's one of the most complicated thinks in the life. But, I'm sure that everybody can have a good relation with her or his ex.
      You must be positive in the life, you must think that, an end, can be a new way to be happy with new people, new things, and new relations.
      The worst way to end a relation with your boyfriend or your girlfriend is by Whats app, Facebook, or any page that you can talk with people by the computer or your mobilephone. The best way is, talk with your boyfriend or girlfriend and broken up with he or she.
      Finally, I listened the song and I think it's very original and funny, I understanded it very well, it's a nice song!

  5. In my opinion,the best way to end a relationship is having a conversation with our boyfriend or girlfriend (face to face) and saying to him or her our feelings,why this relation isn't going well or what are the problems. Talking and having a nice conversation with our partner is the best way to do it.

    The worst way is talking to him or her by facebook or leaving a message or a phone call. If you have to say something serious to your partner you must talk to him o her face to face to leave things clear and if you do that you may have a good relation with your ex.

    I think that you can be friends with your ex,but it depends on the couple. If they have forgotten each other, everything is fine. But if one of the partners haven't forgotten the other,they can't be friends.

    Yes,the singer gives a lot of funny ways to end a relationship and the song is really weird but ,amusing at the same time.

    Maria Amzil (1 Batx A)

  6. The end of a relationship is always difficult or painful for one of the couple, but there are different ways to finish it, so you can find the best one to do it.

    The worst way to end a relationship is by sending a message, because, in my opinion, when you end a relationship you have to give the other person the chance to ask you why, and to say what she or he thinks.

    I don't know if there are a good way, but I think that if you want to end a relationship, you should say it to the other person in an apropiate place and moment, with nobody else around. You should say him or her why do you want to finish it and you shouldn't blame the other.

    Yes, you can be friends with your ex, but only if both of you agree about finishing the relationship, and after some time.

    I like the song and the video, I think that they are funny. I enjoy playing songs in class, and I would like to do it more.

  7. All relationships are very difficult. I think they're difficult because you have to adapt to each other, and sometimes it is complicated. If there are too much diferences that can be a strong reason to split up.
    Many times people are rude in the way that they end a relationship. What I think is that if you have loved a person and now you don't what you have to do is to end everything face to face, otherwise it's unrespectful. To declare your intentions to split up to the other on the phone, on a postcard... makes you completely unconsiderate and, in my point of view means that you haven't really loved this person before.
    Ending a relationship is the best thing you can do to the other if you now you don't love him or her, but you have to appreciate all the things that the other person has given to you and be consequent of that.

  8. OOOOH!! Live, is a wonderful thing that for some peapl depnding on the situations is beautyfull and in the other way It's very hard, and sometimes could be normal too. But it's absolluty necessary to fill up your happiness and live de life every second, yeha we know that are difficult moments but we can found the positive way too.

    1. Isaac, check your spelling before hitting that "Publish" button!!!

  9. I agree at all with Marc Collado. Ending a relationship is so difficult.There are lots of ways to do it. The best way is face to face because you show your feelings. On the other hand, splitting up by mobile phone or a letter is a coward way. I like the video but I don't like the song.

  10. In my opinion there are many ways to end a relationship. Some of them are prettier than the others but I think that the best one is face to face, I think this because face to face you can say all the things that you think and talk with he/she.
    A bad way to end a relationship I think it's using Whatsapp or Facebook for example because in this case you can't see the person. I also believe, that this is a very rude way to end a relationship.
    Absolutely, you can be friends with your ex and finally I loved the video and the song.
    Rubén Gutiérrez López 1A

  11. It seems to me that there isn´t a "good" way to end a relationship. First of all the couple, had loved themselves for a time and is not easy to break up because there are feelings. The truth is that the both must be sincere and polite. They should explain personally why they have decided to end this relation. Perhaps, can be hard in the beginning but they have to try it.
    In my view, the worst way to end a relationship is by sending a SMS by Facebook or by phone...
    The video was good, but I didn´t like the song.

  12. Dear all, thanks for your comments. I appreciate your views and opinions. I like it when you make references to the comments of other people. It shows that you read other comments and that you care about them.

    I also like when you go beyond the obvious (face-to-face good; whatsapp, lame) and you say things like "there's no good way to end a relationship" or "Ending a relationship is the best thing you can do to the other if you now you don't love him or her, but you have to appreciate all the things that the other person has given to you".

    And to those of you who say you didn't like the song, I have a message: wait for the next one. It may be worse! :-)

  13. I think that if you want to end a relationship the worst way is without talking directly to the other person. I think that a such important thing should be in a face-to-face situation.

    I think that you can be friends with an ex, he/she is just another person like you, that you had loved before.

    And I liked the video, it's a bit strange but it's funny.


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