Friday, January 24, 2014

Real Beauty Sketches

Watch this film. You'll hear a lot of vocabulary related to the description of people.

How does the film make you feel? What is the message of the film?

 "You are more beautiful than you think" 

This is the publicity slogan of Dove, the line of soap that commissioned this short film.

The film has gone viral and has been praised by many people but it has also received criticism. Here's some of the criticism. However, some of the points made in the video ring true: people, and especially women, are some times too critical of themselves.

What's your take? Share your views with us in the comments below. 


  1. I think that is a very beautiful video. A lot of times, people (especially the women) are too hard with their own. They’re not happy with their body, and I think the fault is of the prototype of the perfect woman (in reality, the Photoshop can do wonders) that is announced everywhere.

  2. Personally I didn’t like this video. It gives the sensation that all people have to be thin, blond with blue eyes.... Why didn't they choose a short and voluptuous girl? In my view, the teenager that appears was like Barbie. We have to be honest with the publicity. Ok, maybe the video was beautiful but actually it was manipulated. I think that we don’t need a commercial which says us “You are more beautiful than you think” because we are how we are and we have to accept ourselves. This kind of publicity only wants more customers taking advantage with the drop self-esteem.

  3. From contrasting positions, Carla and Soumaya make some good points. Carla is right when she mentions the "wonders" that photoshop can work, and that trick women into thinking they have to live up to impossible standards. You can look at this video to see an example of what Carla means:

    Soumaya takes issue with the stereotype of the thin, blond, blue eyed barbie and asks what about women who look completely different. Are they less womanly, less beautiful? She rightfully says, "we are the way we are and we have to accept ourselves".

    Now I want to add another angle to the debate. Women suffer the pressure of having to conform to these unrealistic stereotypes, but in many cases it's women themselves who fuel this pressure by being too critical of themselves, and of other women.

    It's women who have to work hard to break this vicious cycle of having to be perfect and ending up unhappy.

    Don't blame us, guys! What do you, men in the class, think about this? I'm looking forward to hearing your voice, and that of the rest of young women in the group. Remember, all contributions are counted for your mark.

  4. I have seen this video before and I really liked, it makes up the self esteem.
    I totally agree with Carla, I know a professional photographer and the truth is that he spend more time retouching the photos than doing it. He showed me original pictures next to the retouched photo, and it's very incredible what the photoshop can do.
    "If you don't love yourself nobody will love you", one of the best advices that someone has said me.

  5. Like Mar, I have seen this video before, and I liked it the first time a saw it and I liked the second one too. I really like how this video show us the difference between how we see ourselves and how other people see us, because we always see us uglier than we are, so I think that would be really good that other people tell us how beatiful they see us and there's nothing wrong with how we are. This kind of video help a lot people, they make us reflection and think about our acts and our way to be. I really liked it:)

  6. I agree with Carla. I think that this video gives you a different view of the way that often we see ourselves. Also makes you think about how do you see yourself and how the other people see yourself. When I saw it I start to think to another way. It's a very pretty video.

  7. I really liked the video but I believe that the artist has cheated while he was drawing. It is impossible to make that perfect paintins without looking at those women. But in case that this is true, I appreciate a lot his work.
    And finally, I want to say that women should value their virtues and don't criticize their defects.

  8. This video is amazing because it shows us the skills of a great artist who can draw people without seen them. It’s also amazing because it gives us another life lesson about how we see ourselves and how other people see us. In my opinion, people should have to trust more in their selves to have a better life and people shouldn’t never think that they are ugly, short, tall,….

    Rubén Gutiérrez López 1A

  9. I agree with Carla, Mar, Alexandra and Mireia. We are more beautiful than we think.

    I think that especially women wanna show a beauty that doesn't exist, we wanna show something invented. We think that beauty is Photoshop because we see it every day on TV, on magazines... But really beauty is wake up without make-up and smile, it's easier than Photoshop.

    We are who we are, and we can't change it. We can't manage genetics (well, yes, but it's too expensive) so we have to find our beauty. Maybe I have something beautiful that I can't see because we're really full of manias.

    When I think about that I think about Marilyn Monroe. It was beauty, it was the really beauty. Today we think that beauty is weigh 35 kg and have an eating disorder, but beauty for me is have a spectacular smile and be happy. If you're happy and you smile you'll be more beautiful than those women who kill themselves without eating.

    I wanna change the mentality of women: WE ARE PERFECT AND NOBODY CAN BRING THE OPPOSITE.

  10. After watching this video I remembered one thing that my mother told me a long time ago: "You are the most beautiful child in the world". It was a fake.

    Now talking seriously, I think that people underrate themselves to keep being normal in the society. People need to think more that everyone is special and has his own habilities.

  11. I don't have words to describe this video. Its absolutly truth. Nowadays, when we see us on the mirror, we can see the ugliest person in the world, we don't have a lot of steem and this is a problem, but, when another person see us, we would be surprised what he/she may think of us. Because we don't believe in our abilities and we don't trust that we are perfect. We should have more self-confidence to fight against the life.

  12. I have seen this video before, and I think is the best video I'd ever seen. We are more beautiful than we really think.
    In my opinion, we are so negative because of society. There are days where you wake up and you feel pretty, but then you go to school and people start to criticize you, then you start feeling bad, and your self-esteem begins to drop.
    We have to love and take more care of us.


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