Friday, April 18, 2014


Awake is an American film directed by Joby Harold.The main characters are Hayden Christensen as Clay, Jessica Alba as Sam, Terrence Howard as Dr. Jack Harper and Lena Olin as Clay's mother. This film make us know that every year general anesthesia is injected to 20 million people and 1 in 500 people don't get to sleep at all, they stay awake.

Clay is a man whose family is millionaire. Unfortunately he suffers from a heart problem, he requires a heart transplant. Sam is Clay's mother secretary and they are both in love. They want to get married. Clay's mother doesn't trust Sam, she thinks that Sam wants to marry Clay only for the money.They marry in secret just before the transplant. The operation is carried out by a Clay's friend who is his heart surgeon and doctor. All seems well until Clay realizes that anesthesia hasn't taken effect."Thank you" to that, he realizes the whole truth of what is happening.

If you want to know what happen in the end and if you like thriller and drama films, I recommend you to see this movie and you will realise such as dangerous or how a person feels when anesthesia doesn't take effect.

Marta Matés
1r C Batx.

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