Friday, April 18, 2014

Barcelona nit d'estiu.

Barcelona nit d'estiu is a film directed by Dani Catalan de la Orden and starred by Francesc Colomer as Guillem, Jan Cornet as Héctor, Joan Dausà as Joan, Mar del Hoyo as Roser, Laura Díaz as Anna, Miki Esparbé as Carles, Sara Espigul as Judit, Luís Fernández as Marc, Àlex Monner as Jordi and more... The film was released in 2013. The script of the film is based on the song "jo mai mai- Dausà John", who later took a charge of his soundtrack and also played an important role.

The film is like a big puzzle of different stories attached to two levels: they are all on one side romantic and all of them are occurred the night of August 18 2013, when the comet Rose crossed the sky of Barcelona. The important thing of all the stories is that together paint a portrait of a society closer to the reality.

I am not used to like this kind of movies but this film caught my attention because it was recorded in Barcelona, and the truth is that I liked.
I recommend this movie to everyone.

Here you have the trailer, I hope you like it:

Tania Castro, 1Batx-B

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  1. This sounds like an interesting, original film. I'll try to watch it.


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