Sunday, April 13, 2014


Paula Hebles shared with me this thought-provoking video about bullying. Drawing on the same topic, I wanted to share with you the answer that Wil Wheaton gave a girl that asked him about this topic. What are your thoughts on the matter? Adolfo

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  1. Nowadays bullying is a serious problem that affects many students around the world. This kind of abuse has existed for several years in the schools but the society hasn’t given importance to this.

    The bullying, in easy words, is the physical, psychological or verbal abuse that some students suffer because other students consider them different or inferiors. Basically these types of abuses are crueller in the high school because some victims start to think that the problem is caused by them. The feeling of culpability and lonely sometimes causes tragically consequences like the suicide.

    As Will Wheaton said you don’t have to feel culpable because you aren’t the problem. The bullies have problems with their environment (family circle, relationships…) but they can’t resolve the troubles and they use the easy way that consist in attack defenceless people for feel better.

    Personally I think that we are how we are and we don’t have to change ourselves because someone doesn’t like how we are. Don’t let you step by stupid people. Be yourself and if you have any problem ask for help (your parents, friends, teachers…)

    Don’t be afraid. As the tittle says the losers are the bullies.


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