Sunday, April 27, 2014


It's the final of the second world of war. Japan, the emperor of japan presented his surrender to the americans, after the atomical bombs in two of the most important cities of the country. The country had been destroied by the bombardament, at least in this war, died more than one milion pepole.

When the americans arrived to japan after the surrender in 1945, their mission was to search proves against all pepole that were associated with the beginning of the war. And of course, as we know, Pearl Harvour.

The emperor was considerated like a god, and put his figure in a court should't have been the best for the country, therfore, the american army don't have to find proves against him if they wanted to rebuilding the country. The main character in this film is a general, that was under the orders of an other general. He had 10 days to prove if the emperor had something related with the beginning of the war.

He started to search information in all of pepole that could have contact with the emperor and the war. He had his own driver and interpret. And with him could achieve all necessary information.

Finally he could acquitte the emperor, and he could continue his dinasty until 1989, when he died.
But a lot the prime minister and some ministers, dead by hanguing after the decision of the internacional cort.

I think it's a very interesting history, I make a short abstract, but inside this film there is a love history too, and it's very exciting.

I recomend you this film,

You will enjoy it.

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