Saturday, April 12, 2014


300 Rise of an Empire

The last film I saw was "300 Rise of an Empire" which is the second part of 300. It's an action film directed by Noam Murro.

It is based on the well-known story of the "Battle of Marathon" and the "Battle of Salamis". It tells us that during the first battle, the third persian king, "Darius I" dead because Temistocles, an Athenian general killed him. After that, the Persian king's son, "Xerxes I" decided to kill Temistocles with the help of the Persian queen, Artemisia who transformed him into king-god. 10 years after the first battle, they take revenge against Athenians in the second battle in which Athenians won.

This is a film about history, battles, blood and honor. However, it is the special effects that make it more real. There are vivid battles with loads of blood and deads.

I would recommend this film to anyone, even those who do not usually enjoy gory films.

Here I let you a link in which you can watch the thrilling of the film:

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  1. I have not watched this film but after reading this review I want to watch it right now!
    I am sure that Noam Murro will not disappoing me, but it will be difficult to overcome the first part of 300.


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