Monday, April 21, 2014

Tengo ganas de ti

Tengo ganas de ti, directed by Fernando González Molina and starring Mario Casas and Clara Lago, is a Spanish drama film and tells the love story of Hache and Gin and shows us how everything changes and how anything lasts forever. It is the sequel of A 3 metros sobre el cielo and it's based on a novel of Federico Moccia. It was shot in Barcelona between October and December 2012.

Hache returns to Barcelona after spending two years in London trying to forget his first love, Babi (María Valverde), and Pollo's death, his best friend (Álvaro Cervantes). When he arrives he feels strange because everything is the same but everybody has changed. His life is very different and he must go on, but he has got an important fear: see Babi again. This fear decreases when he meet Gin (Clara Lago), a girl without fear of anything. Everything is ok until he meets Babi and he must choose between Babi and Gin. At the same time, he has more problems: his mother dies, he gets Pollo's motorbike that killed him...

The location of the film is really good (Barcelona) and in my opinion the actors are very good too. Another good think in the film is the music, the lyrics of the songs are really good. If you felt in love with A 3 metros sobre el cielo you must see Tengo ganas de ti.

You'll enjoy the story even if you have fifty or twelve years old. If you're old you'll remember that love story that you'll always remember and if you're young you'll made plans about your first love. But... Have a packet of tissues next to the popcorn!!

Rita Lumbreras Martí
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