Friday, April 18, 2014

The visitor

The visitor is a American film written and directed by Thomas McCarthy in 2007 and starred by Richard Jenkins as Walter Vale, Haaz Sleimain as Tarek, Danai Gurira as Zainab, Hiam Abbass as Mouna, etc. The film won the Film Independent's Spirit Award for Best director and another 10 awards. 

Walter Vale is a economics teacher in Connecticut College who lives alone becouse is widowed. He learns to play the piano since his wife was pianist and sometimes works on a new book. When he is asked to present a paper at an academic conference at New York University, he is not enthusiastic to make the trip but finally he is forced to attend. 
When he arrives in his old apartment in Manhattan, Walter is surprised when he found a young unmarried couple living there, having rented it from someone called Ivan. 
Tarek is an immigrant from Syria, a djembe player, and Zainab is a Senegalese designer of  jewelry. Later  Walter discovers that both are illegal immigrants. Although they have no place to go, they fastly pack and leave, but Walter decides to let them stay. Over the next days, Tarek teaches Walter to play the drum and begins a friendship between them. One day on the way home, Tarek is arrested for failing to pay his fare in the subway and taked to a detention center for illegal immigrants in Queens. Walter hires an immigration lawyer for Tarek. Tarek's mom comes to New York to see his son and begins a loving relationship between tehm. Finally Tarek is deported to Syria and her mother returs too.

Asmaa Zouhir El Fachtali

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  1. Only with the title, I have known the film. I liked the explanation you made and I can say the film is very good.


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