Monday, April 28, 2014


The Wolf of Wall Street is an exciting action film, based in a real facts. Is directed by Martin Scorsese, and the leading actor is Leonardo DiCaprio in the role of Jordan Belfort.

A man in a suit with a big smile on his face. Behind him a chaotic office scene.Jordan Belfort is an incredibly rich man. Is the example of the man that starts with absolutely nothing but with a dream, the American’s dream. With his talent in the stock exchange earns a lot of money. He is a drug addict, he loves sex and the good life. He has so much money that he doesn’t know what do with it. He is an ambitious, and he always want more than he has. It’s a funny film but with a tragic ending.

I liked this film because it’s different to all others. The film reflects that avarice is very bad and that you can’t have all you want. The actors are excellent and the acting too.

 I recommend you to see it. I think it would not disappoint you. It’s a little bit long, but enjoyable and exciting. I'm sure you will enjoy it!

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