Monday, April 21, 2014


Titanic is an american film which was written by James Cameron. It is a dramatic film based on a true story. It was released on the 19th of December of 1997.

Titanic was a luxurious and enormous boat which had the nickname of "unsinkable", but in his first trip crashed with an iceberg and sank.

The film talk about the realtionship of two teenagers who meet and fall in love aboard the boat. The two lovers are from different social classes and they try to go ahead on their relation, but the adversities definitly separate them. In the end of the film, the ship crashes with an iceberg and a lot of people die because the water is at very low temperatures. The girl is saved because she belongs on a high social class, but the boy dies in the water.

I specially recommend this movie because it is very impressive. Furthermore, the fact of being based on a true story makes it more shocking. Here you have the link of the trailer: 

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  1. I don't know how many times I've seen this film.. It's one of the best films ever. Really reflects the diferences that had the people that were of diferent social classes. I think that this is a nice love story, it doesn't matter if one of them dies, but it shows true love, that can overcome everything. Everybody should watch this film!


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