Monday, April 21, 2014

Wolf Children

Wolf Children (Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki in Japanese) is a 2012 animation film produced by Madhouse Studio and directed by Mamoru Hosoda, who is also the original creator of the story. The original dubbing actors are Miyazaki Aoi as Hana, Kuroki Haru as Yuki and Nishii Yukito as Ame. The film has been dubbed in English ans Spanish and has been awarded several times in Japan and in international festivals.

During the two hours that the film lasts we can follow the story of Hana, a young woman who starts college and falls in love with a Wolfman, that is half man and half wolf. After giving birth to two children, who are also wolfman, their father dies, and Hana and her two children, Yuki and Ame, move out into the countryside where they begin a new life and they grow up. 
There their mother gives them two options: live in the the wild as a wolf, or live as a human. 

I really really enjoyed this film and I recommend it to everyone, specially people that need to disconnect and relax. Even for people who  don't usually watch animation films, this movie is enjoyable. The soundtrack is hearthwarming and calmed, and the art is amazing and beautiful. The characters are enjoyable and keep the film interesting. This is definitely something that you should watch before you die. 

Here there is the trailer: Click here to see the trailer

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